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But Blizzard blind eye has recently come into focus.

From Abhorrent Taboo's welcome post on the Wo W forums (since deleted): "NOTE: Be advised that we frequently ERP in guild chat and often engage in even potentially offensive kinks such as (Extreme) Ageplay, Bestiality, Child Birth, [something censored by the Wo W forums], Watersports, or any other kink those playing may wish to explore." Abhorrent Taboo claimed that it restricts guild membership to adults over the age of 18, but detractors say they have no way of verifying this in a video game.

To enter the game, the player must select a server, referred to in-game as a realm.

Each realm acts as an individual copy of the game world and falls into one of four categories.

Whether you side with Blizzard or not, the action isn't going to end the matter.

The guild has reportedly already reformed as Vile Anathema on the server.

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